Research Focus

The research focus of the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology are highly infectious viruses and bacteria as well as agents of microbial origin (biotoxins). All these microorganisms and microbial agents of interest can cause life-threatening diseases in humans and animals and can be misused as biological warfare agents.

In particular we focus on translational research combining modern molecular biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology with microbiology and medical research. We develop new methods and techniques to detect, diagnose, and treat infectious diseases. These novel methods and techniques will immediately be applied in reconnaissance and verification, bioforensics and diagnostics.

We also conduct surveillance studies to investigate the dissemination of naturally occurring pathogens.

The research focus by department:

Department for Bacteria and Toxins

Department for Viruses and intracellular Pathogens

Department for Medical B Reconnaissance & Bioforensics