Mobile B Reconnaissance and Verification

Lead: LtCol (VC) Dr Katharina Müller

The Division for Medical Biological (Med. B) Reconnaissance and Verification is the task force of the institute to deploy rapidly to the site of the potential disease outbreaks. Under field conditions, the task force investigate to determine the cause and origin of the outbreak. This includes to separate an intentional release of pathogens or biotoxins (biological warfare) from natural occurring outbreaks and unintentional release of biological agents. The task force also recommends measures of treatment as well as suitable protective measures.

The Division for Med. B Reconnaissance and Verification provides detection and diagnostic methods for a large array of biological agents. This not only includes detection and diagnostic methods for highly dangerous pathogens (e.g. Ebola) but also more common pathogens (e.g. chickenpox) for differential diagnosis.